Our Pinnacle Contractors

Congratulations to the following Utah JM Contractors who have achieved Pinnacle status: Noorda BEC, Salt Lake City, UT (Pinnacle) Collins Roofing, Inc., Lehi, UT (Pinnacle). Becoming a Johns Manville Peak Advantage® Contractor helps you stay at the forefront of the industry, while demonstrating exceptional working standards. As a JM Peak Advantage Contractor, you’re able to … More Our Pinnacle Contractors

DEXcell Update

A Closer Look at Gypsum-Fiber Roof Board: Why Does It Move? (How Is DEXcell® BRAND Coverboard Different From Competing Coverboards?) –From DEXcell’s Above Board newsletter, Fall 2017 Two roof boards, manufactured by two different companies, may be compared to one another, but they are worlds apart when one board has “fiber” and the other does … More DEXcell Update